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special combination of lamb and beef slowly cooked

Chicken Gyro

slowly cooked and seasoned chicken

Chicken Shish Kabab

marinated and grilled chicken chunks

Beef Shish Kabab

pieces of marinated grilled beef

Chicken Shawarma

sliced chicken with mixed spices


mashed chick peas mixed with fresh parsley, cilantro, seasoned with Mediterranean spices and deep fried


Dolmades (6pc) 3.99
Six grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice with red sauce

Spinach Pie (2pc) 6.49
two pieces of fillo dough with spinach and feta cheese

Side Hummus (w pita) S 3.49 L 4.99
mashed chick peas mixed with tahini sauce, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

Pita .99

Falafel (6pc) 5.99
chick peas, fresh parsley, cilantro and onion mix with a special Mediterranean seasoning.

4pc Chicken Tender 5.99

Kids Meals

comes with fries and drink

2pc Chicken Tender 4.99

Grilled Cheese 4.99
American cheese, provolone and feta cheese melt on double pita



add fries 1.99

The Maximus (handheld) 6.99
pita, protein, lettuce, tomato, onions and tzatzki sauce.

The Maximus – make your own 7.49
Bowl 8.49
rice pilaf, protein, pick your veggies, feta cheese and sauce – or make your own.

Veggie Gyro 5.99
pita, hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, lettuce, Kalamata olive, feta cheese, banana pepper and Greek dressing.

Salad 5.99
Lettuce, tomatoes, Cucumbers, Kalamata
olives, pepperoncini, feta cheese, Greek dressing – or make your own.

Add protein for $2.99

Un-Greek Meals

Fries included!

4pc tenders meal 7.99
6pc tenders meal 9.99
10pc tenders meal 14.99
12” Philly cheesesteak meal 10.99


Fries 2.99
Greek fries 3.99
Onion rings 3.99
Mozzarella sticks 4.99
Fried mushrooms 4.99
Jalapeno poppers 4.99

Sauces and Dressing

Taziki sauce .79
Tahini sauce .49
Parsley sauce .79
Greek dressing .79
Ranch dressing .49
Garlic sauce .49


Fountain drink 1.99
Bottle 2.49
Naked juice 3.99


Baklava 2.99
Strawberry cheesecake 3.99
Chocolate cake 3.99


Maximus Meat 12.99

Gyro chicken kabab and beef kabab with your choice of toppings. With your choice of rice, salad or fries.

Veggie Maximus 12.99

Three dolmades, 8 ounces of hummus, one spinach pie, two pieces of falafel. With your choice of rice, salad or fries.

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